Change is Possible

Your contribution will make it happen.

Please Donate to Secure a Community Based O-UT Facility

O-UT is an intentional accountability program designed to help a person change their life for good.

  • O-UT reduces incarceration, service dependence, child welfare engagement, and substance dependence, through intensive supportive programming.

  • O-UT addresses underlying causes of destructive cycles.

  • O-UT delivers support based on assessment of individual deficit.

Overhaul- Unrelenting Transfiguration/ O-UT LLC is not a non-profit. O-UT will remain a for profit company and make money by offering a service solely intended to solve problems of homelessness, addiction, and incarceration. Donations to VB MEDIA will go toward securing a facility for a community based O-UT facility. You will not have the same tax advantage as donating to a 501 C3. 

The benefit of donating to O-UT is you will help us to work toward a solution to the problems we see in many major cities today.

O-UT is not a 501 C3.

Please support my first O-UT Program Facility!

VB Media LLC

and Ginny Burton, Game Changer

How Change is Possible

  • Recreating effective policy through lived experience, education, and insight.

  • Consulting with CBOs and community stakeholders on how to best serve vulnerable populations; to facilitate growth beyond the need for social services.

  • Modeling strength, willingness, and commitment to achieve success to transform the lives of individuals.

  • Collaborating with influential leaders across the US and building a network of CBOs, government officials, and people with lived experience to eliminate system dependency.

  • Partnering with CBOs around the nation to create curriculum that support people's ability to overcome vulnerabilities and become victors in their own lives.

Change is Possible

  • I help recreate effective policy through experience, education, and insight.

  • I help social service agencies achieve greater success with those being served by providing practical solutions to support client independence.

  • I help individuals find strength, willingness, and commitment to achieve success to transform their lives through coaching and mentoring.

Read More About Ginny

Let her story of struggle, trauma, and transformation impact the work you are doing, the narratives that need adjustment, and policies that need revision, to truly help create a stronger society.

Bring Ginny To The Conversation In Your Area

Government, police, criminal justice, people in submission to systems, service providers, and institutions must recognize that what we are doing in our society is not working. There is a way out of the mess that is spiraling out of control in our communities across the US.

Can We Actually Change Systems

By implementing programs in prisons and homeless institutions, we would then be the village that individuals need in order to overcome their circumstances. We are loving people to death as a society; it is time we become what people need, not their best friend.

Choose Growth Not Destruction

The problems we experience in our society originate in the mind. The belief that people can't change must be crushed. Join the movement to create a stronger society by becoming a stronger you. Let's become our best selves by committing to be the change we want to see.


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